The Jersey Devil Chapter was established March, 2008.


Brothers in Blue MC History

~ The Brothers In Blue Motorcycle Club was established in the winter of 2005 by David “Grumpy” Perez, Arturo “Cali” Hernandez, Noel “Tito” Perez, and David “Oreo” Shaffer as a Non-Profit Organization in Chicago, IL. After looking into several clubs the decision was made to create a club that would better suit First Responders with their shared interests in Motorcycles and the open road. They believed Family and Friends come First and they wanted a club that would promote camaraderie and loyalty between all emergency services personnel.

The Brothers In Blue Motorcycle Club was created to assist and support the members of our professions and their families in their time of need. 

The name “Brothers In Blue” was chosen because of the bond shared between First Responders.

Members will above all, abide by and uphold the basic club principles of Honor, Courage, Commitment, Charity, Truth, Respect, Support and Loyalty. 



Jersey Devil Chapter

The New Jersey Chapter was established in March 2008 by a few Law Enforcement Officers. After looking into several clubs the decision was made to start a chapter of a club that shared their interests in Motorcycles, the open road and the belief that Family and Friends come First.




What our colors represent
















~ The colors they decided on would consist of a Top Rocker that states who we are. The centerpiece is a skull figure in a black trench coat carrying a pump shotgun and holding the scales of Justice. He wears a badge with a mourning band for our brothers and sisters no longer with us. The bottom rocker indicates the state the chapter resides in.


- The black background represents the chaos in which we work.


- The skull figure symbolizes the brothers of past.


- The badge with mourning band symbolizes First Responders who made the ultimate sacrifice- WE WILL NEVER FORGET.


- The shotgun is a symbol of our trade.


- The dagger with the scales of Justice represents Honor and the Laws we uphold.



Members shall NOT associate with any 1% clubs